Today, many casino players prefer using wire transfer as their primary payment option. It might be strange for someone who doesn’t go deep into the subject, but for many gamblers who want their winnings to become real money as quick as possible it a real state of things. Actual players of online gambling and mobile casinos prefer to use this method of their deposits and withdrawals for its key advantages.

But why is it such an essential question for gamblers in Australia to choose the right payment method? The problem is in the withdrawal process. Such companies as Neteller or Paypal were eliminated from banking sections of online casinos in Australia and left players with few opportunities to input their funds. Online casino bank system does not offer any replacement for players and just rose the question “Is there any payment method that will help many gamblers maintain the same level of gaming experience”?

The answer is “yes”, of course. Although banking methods are all different in their peculiarities, wire transfers remain to be a reliable and safe method deposits and withdrawals of real money in a casino in such a complicated situation. There is some difference in speed and costs between other payment methods, but casinos with wire technology can be found everywhere, and many banks also support this method of bank transfers. Using bank transfer, players get a good functional option, but there are some minor disadvantages.

In this article, you will find more information about using a wire transfer in Australian online-casinos, other payment options. And you will also find out how you can transform your withdrawal into real money fast.

Why is Bank Wire so popular?

For any ordinary gambler in an online casino, it is the priority to have fast and reliable casino banking method for both deposit and withdrawal. Everyone wants to get real money fast and safe. The deposit is available via Visa or cs MasterCard 1 as well as Neosurf and POLi – another good way of deposits. However, if we speak about to withdraw, there is maybe the only opportunity to use bank wire transfer even though at first glance, it might be not a very convenient payment method. It has its strong advantages over the other options, which makes it very popular in online casinos. It is also worth mentioning that after recent events, it has become even more demanded.

It is not a surprise that many Australian gamblers use bank wire. Bank Wire transfer casinos are widely spread, and with all the innovation and technological progress, using bank wire is still one of the most popular payment methods. Sometimes, it is not even the question of convenience – some of the casinos don’t have any other options for the players. Why is wire bank transfer so popular among the players?

Bank wire is the oldest method of money transfers used in the modern Australian casino. For many players, wire transfers and online casino are related terms. With its high cost and significant amounts of time involved, this payment method is now mostly used by gambling high rollers. Even though there are many bank wire online casinos, let’s review this method thoroughly.

Origins of bank wire date back to the time when people tried to find a way to send money as quickly as possible. Telegraph used to solve all the tasks because all you needed was the information of your bank account and the recipient. With the use of registered services, people could easily send their money in a reasonable time. To increase the delivery speed, bank of the sender telegraphs the bank of the recipient about the amount to be paid, and then the recipient gets his money via courier.

However, the world has changed since then, and today people don’t have any middleman in their transaction operations. Now banks perform the direct funds’ transfer, using separate accounts to perform the task. That’s why the amount of personal information has reduced as it is a mutual interest of the sender and bank to keep the privacy safe.

How Bank Wire Transfers Work

To conduct bank wire transfers, a gambler should register their online casino account. There is a significant advantage — with the wire transfer casinos can charge funds of any currency. Many players find wire transfers to be the best online payment method. If you are new to online casinos, you will find using bank wire very convenient as it is simple and bank transfer is secure. Practically every online casino performs bank wire transfers and has special services concerning casino games and bank transfers.

Australian gambling enthusiasts, especially high rollers, prefer using bank wire in the casino because of its simplicity and secure foothold in the industry of gambling. This is explained because transactions support any currency a person is willing to cash in. When it comes to Australian punters who gamble at bank wire online casinos, a chance of depositing and withdrawing with Australian dollars is high enough.

To make a transfer, the player should be careful when he chooses the transfer service. One of the most reliable services is Western Union, that appears to be the main variant for gamblers in Australia. This bank work with many casinos in the country. It suits the players with its modernity and convenience and support transfer online. You can choose some other operators for a bank wire transfer as well.

Bank wire transfer, however, might be tricky to the new players because of the procedure for deposit and withdrawal transactions. First of all, the player should register his account with one of the operators that work with the casino. Then he or she can fund the account and start playing at the casino. In the cashier section, the player will find the ‘bank wire transfer’ option in deposit methods, where he can fill in a form with personal information and banking details, like IBAN, SWIFT code and addresses of player and the bank he chose. After he fills in the form, the player inputs the amount of deposit and sends a request to the casino. Sometimes, players need to contact the customer service, as banks send money directly to the casino account. After all the steps are taken, the player can start real-money transaction with the chosen deposit amount.


  • Wire transfers are one of the most reliable bank transfers for the casino. To receive the funds or to make a deposit using cashier section all you have to do is to fill an application with a SWIFT code, the name of a receiving bank, the name of a recipient, and bank account number. Some banks also ask to pay a visit to the near branch. After you’ve done all the steps, wait a few more days until bank transfer is done. By the way, using wire transfers, you can also perform a credit transfer as well. With wire transfers it is also easy to send your funds from one account to another if you have one, of course).
  • Another good feature is high withdrawal limits. Many payment options in the casino are known to be restrictive, but for many amateurs and high rollers substantial deposit, withdrawal and bonus amounts become attractive. The withdrawal can take from 3 up to 7 workdays, so players will have to wait for almost a week to get back their money from the casino. By the way, in many countries, wire transfer is entirely legitimate, so casino players do not have to worry about funds.


  • However, a significant drawback of a wire transfer is the setup procedure. It requires detailed input information, such as codes, bank and casino numbers, and other priorities. And if for someone it is not a big deal at all, other players do not find this method attractive to make a deposit or a withdrawal from casino. We should also mention that players should visit the bank establishments to fill in the setup forms, the procedure, that became a norm a few years ago.
  • Sometimes, players can meet processing fees in the casino. Its amount varies from 5 to 50$, depending on the casino platform and bank institution, as well as the amount of the processed cash. Processing fees rarely appears in deposit transactions, but for the withdrawal fee for service is often a must.
  • If bank transfer is not the payment method you expect, another decent way of money withdraw is Bitcoin. It is safe as well, and with easy access, moreover, it is anonymous and simply faster than other methods. Many online casinos, as well as banks, accept bitcoins, that’s why it is another safe and reliable method to withdraw your money.

Wire Transfer Deposits and Withdrawals Procedures

We should begin with the deposits. There are several steps to take if you want to deposit your money:

  • Log in to your online casino account and visit the cashier section.
  • Choose wire transfer as the deposit method.
  • Receive the online casino’s bank details.
  • You can also get the online casino s bank details from a customer support agent.
  • You can visit the local branch of your bank to transfer the amount to the online casino.
  • Or you can log in to your online banking account and initiate a transfer to the casino.
  • Usually, bank wire deposits are instant, allowing you to get started without wasting any time.

Usually, deposit method and withdraw methods come in pair in online casinos, e.g. if you have your deposit by bank transfer, the casino will submit the money by the bank transfer as well.  Still, if you prefer to change the withdraw method, you can do that in your settings section. For fast and safe withdrawal it is recommended to use bitcoin.

There are several steps to take if you want to withdraw your money from casinos:

  • Log in to your online casino account and visit the cashier section.
  • Choose wire transfer your preferred payout option.
  • Enter your bank details such as account number, SWIFT number, and IBAN of banking institutions into the fields provided for the same.
  • An online casino usually keeps payout requests pending for up to 48 hours.
  • During the pending period, you have to undergo a verification procedure as part of which you have to submit to your online casino copies of your identification documents.
  • The online casino then processes your payout request.
  • You may have to wait up to two days for your winnings to reach your account. In the case of international transfers, this may take up to seven days.

Best Casino Payment Alternatives at Australian Online Casinos

There are also several alternatives payment methods in the casino.

Credit Cards – it is a fast, safe and secure method of transactions. Many online casinos accept credit card deposits. However, some casinos have a system of charge fees for credit card transactions, up to 5%. Another major drawback is the withdrawal – you cannot receive your winnings instantly, only after a few more days.

POLi – As the Credit Cards, POLi deposits are safe and fast. For many players, it is even more convenient, as it is a local payment method in Australia. However, to use POLi, one should have a special banking account. And do not forget that there is no option to withdraw your money from the casino with POLi.

Neosurf – Being a prepaid voucher service, Neosurf is a quick, safe and convenient method to deposit your money. There is no bank account needed for Neosurf; however, it is not the best online casino withdrawal method as the deposit amount is limited.

Bitcoin – this method combines both deposit and withdrawal options. It is safe, secure and fast as well. Moreover, it is completely anonymous. Bitcoin becomes a good method for those players in grey gambling jurisdictions. However, Bitcoin is not a universal method – only a few casinos accept this method, and what is even more tricky, some of these casinos do not even have a license. Also, not all banks support bitcoin in bank transfers. And the gambler should always remember, that Bitcoin is highly volatile, which may cause a serious decline of your casino winnings.

Why Bank Wire is the Best Option For High Rollers

As it was mentioned before, it is a safe, fast and secure method. It is widely spread, so it wouldn’t be a problem for a gambler to find the appropriate online casino, and no special account is needed. Still, there are major inconveniences: transactions are quite slow with heavy fees are to be paid to online casinos. The transfer of funds usually occurs in banks institutions or cash offices. With no special account needed, a gambler should have a bank account and reveal all the bank account details to the online casinos.

Australian gambling enthusiasts, especially high rollers, prefer using bank wire in the casino because of its simplicity and secure foothold in the industry of gambling. This is explained by the fact that transactions support any currency a person is willing to cash in. When it comes to Australian punters who gamble at bank wire online casinos, a chance of depositing and withdrawing with Australian dollars is convincing enough.

All in all, bank wire transfer appears to be a convenient method in 2020, although it might be a bit out of fashion. This method is prevalent among high rollers because of the high limits of deposit and withdrawal. This method is widely spread at the Australian casino, that’s why we recommend you to try it yourself, and you will be more than satisfied with the gaming experience.


Are there any bonus codes at bank wire transfer casinos?

There is no bonus for using this transfer as the preferred payment method. Still, the online casinos offer a bonus package, reload bonus offers, cashback offers, free spins and many others as well in casino games.

Is bank wire transfer safe?

The transaction has only two sides – your bank and online casino bank; banking details will not leak to any third party. And both of them use top-rated security systems. That’s what makes bank wire transfer one of the most reliable methods to send funds from one bank to another.

Can I use my mobile device to deposit?

Yes, mobile banking is available in many casinos online. There is practically no difference in using bank wire transfer with your mobile device or with a desktop computer; it will not affect casino games.

How can I use bank transfer?

First of all, you should have a bank account with funds in it. No credit card is needed; visit the nearest branch of your bank to use bank wire transfer or log in to your account to make a transfer (don’t forget about swift code and other services).

Are there any good alternatives for bank wire transfers?

Bitcoin transactions are a decent alternative to bank wire transfer. It is quite simple, and you don’t have to know how Bitcoin technology works – make it your tool of the funds’ withdrawal. With a bitcoin wallet, you can make deposits to your account easy and fast. Withdraw is also safe and fast, and, what is more critical, anonymous. If you still have more questions about bank wire transfers, you can get at customer support at your online or mobile casino.