More and more Australian residents are growing addicted to online slots. The online slots, which are also called slot machines and pokies, particularly in Australia. These online slots are becoming more and more popular over time all over the world, especially in Australia. There are reasons why online slots casinos are so popular. The outcome of the games is unknown in advance and depends on the odds. This is what attracts players to play online casino slots. Vivid impressions and emotions during the game attract players for entertainment.

In addition to vivid emotions during the game, many people have the odds to win a huge amount of real money. There are many stories of gamblers whose stories about ways to win excite the mind; their lives have changed dramatically after the global winning jackpot in online slots. Below, you can see a list of the best online casino slots in Australia, from which you can choose the one that suits you best. They will allow you to enjoy your favourite online games. Besides, you will find a player manual that explains everything about slots in online casinos for a better understanding of online games.

History of Slots in Australia

Slots appeared in Australia in the 1900s. Sometime after the auto mechanic Charles Fey provided the world with a car called “Liberty Bell”, the era of slot began. It was the first slot with three spinning reels.

The principle of operation of the first slots was nearly the same as now: the reels with different symbols rotated after the player pressed the lever. If after this manipulation, three identical symbols appeared on the reels, the jackpot was drawn.

Of course, over time, while the popularity of slot g grew, the functions of the slot games also evolved. New symbols were developed to distinguish the new slot. And in 1934, the electronic slot flourished. With the restart of the slot movement in 1963, Bally Manufacturing changed the reel trigger to a button. More reels and winning systems were added later. Along with this, there appeared more options for placing bets and winning real money.

In Australia, a slot is called pokies. It so happened that earlier slot was often placed in clubs and bars next to video poker machines, which were popular among Australians, and since then, the slot has been called ‘pokies.’

Not so long ago, Australians who continuously played slot games were considered non-high society in the casino setting. Their payouts were small; they were not eligible for free spins or bonus rounds and extra games, and additional privileges such as lavish dinners or show programs were only available to the table games players. However, in recent years, everything has changed dramatically, when 70-80% of casino revenue began to be available on slots. This is the simplest game which consists of tossing a coin, pressing a button, and pulling a handle. Besides, there is no need to feel embarrassed when dealing with professionals who have been playing at the table games for a long time. Also, now the amount of jackpots in slot machine game has grown to such a size that it is considered the largest in a casino.

Types of online slots

Online casinos offer many types of online slots. These can be modern slots with excellent graphics and sound effects or with high odds of winning jackpots. Online slots have become nearly the most popular online casino games. One of the factors behind their popularity was the high win rate. However, the long term experience of playing online casino slot machine does not imply a lot of experience in real casino games and huge winnings, but you should not forget about a considerable loyalty system. There are many bonuses and different methods of service for online casino players, which makes your online slots game much more enjoyable and convenient than a real casino game.

To increase the chances of winning, you still need to know the rules of the game and the winning system. And since there are several types of online slots, you need to have an individual approach to each. Below, we will consider the differences in different types of online slots that you can find both in online casinos and real casino, as well.

Game Types

In addition to a classic slot machine with a familiar design and casino theme, there are different themes for playing slots. Each time, different titles and themes of the slot machine are invented and launched to attract more online players. People can choose their favourite slot machine with popular heroes. Appropriate graphics, favourite characters and narration are added to the slot machine.

Different types of slot machine reels

There are several types of reels for slots. Online casino players choose them for themselves, considering what type of gaming they prefer: simple or with different types of functions and combinations.

Five reel slots

The most popular type of slot machine among online casinos for real money. These five-reel slots offer many types of combinations, settings, bonuses, and customisable features. You can use free spins, with which you can win real money. Wild and Scatter symbols are a small part of the opportunities from a slot machine with five reels. And owners of online casinos are happy to attract players with such bonuses.

Now, in online casinos, five-reel type of slots are the most popular type of gaming. There is a wide range of opportunities for developers to expand the gaming types with different combinations, bonuses, and ratings that can be adapted for different segments of online players.

Three-reel slot machine

This is a classic type of slot. The slot consists of three reels. Accordingly, the number of prize combinations is significantly reduced than that of the five-reel type of slots. Almost all three slot reels offer a classic game with the traditional seven and BAR symbols. Due to its simplicity, the experience of playing the three-reel type of slots is not accumulated as fast as playing five-reel slots.

The advantage of the three reels slots is their simplicity. A small number of combinations for winning real money cannot involve any tricks during the gaming, and some do not involve tricks at all. For some, the three-reel slot machine may not seem the most exciting type of gaming. But over the years, this type of online slots has been popular precisely because of this advantage.


The more reels in the slot machine games the player is playing, the more pay lines it is possible to activate. Which means the likelihood of winning is increased by increasing the odds for real money betting.

Progressive jackpots

Outwardly, this type of online slot machine does not differ from classic five-reel slots; however, progressive jackpot slots offer rather different payouts than another slot machine cannot afford. The winnings of the slot machine with progressive jackpots are much higher. Unlike other types of slot machine that operate separately from others, on their own, progressive jackpot slots form a network that is connected to the online casino. Thus, the amount of jackpot prize depends not on one player, but on everyone who plays this type of slots, increasing the number of winnings with their spins.

Let’s take a closer look at what exactly the progressive jackpot slot machine offers. These are four different sizes of the jackpots, for which you need to use different playing techniques. Of course, winning the biggest jackpots is difficult enough, but it can be real. This guess is confirmed by the story of the Briton jackpot, to whom the Mega Moolah slot paid out 13.2 million pounds in 2015. HAve a read on that rare occasion. To win seven-figure sums, players must follow the conditions of the progressive jackpots bet and place the required amount for it to pass correctly.

How to Play Online Slots

At first, it may seem that playing online slots is difficult. Its bright colours and many symbols can be confusing, and really confusing seems the game’s principle. However, it only seems like online slots are complicated. In fact, online casino slots games are as simple as the real-life slot games. Only they are more convenient.

The main essence of the slot machine games is to rotate the slot machine reel in anticipation of a good chance when the required number of identical symbols appears. Different combinations of symbols imply different amounts of real money winnings.

Each slot machine is individual in the selection of winning combinations, but the main point is always the same — spin the reel until the right combination of symbols appears, which will bring you a win, real money.

Best online Australian slots

1. King Johnie Casino

2. Ozwin casino

3. Casinonic

4. Kanuha Casino

5. Raging Bull Casino

Features of the Online Slot

Having learned more about the different types of slots, one could notice how many options and functions an Australian slot machine can potentially include. There are countless types of features, bonuses and privileges, but they mostly fall within several basic types of features.

  • Bonus games

In online casinos, you can unlock bonus spins by scatter symbols. With the help of bonus games, you can restart your game or start a new one.

  • Wilds

This category of symbols is considered a feature of playing slot game for the reason that they can take on the value of any of other symbols—except for the bonus and scatters—and thus bring you closer to a prize combination.

  • Free spins

Free spins on slots can be earned on an active game, in the event of a certain combination of reel symbols, or use the online casino bonus program. It requires money, but free spins give you a chance to win real money or use it for multipliers.

  • Scatter symbols

To use them, you need to take advantage of the welcome bonuses, free spins and extra rounds and follow the pay lines.

  • Skills button

Especially for players who are exploring different long term strategies for playing slot machines in search of the one that will lead them to win, the game developers have created a skill button that can be used at certain points in the game.

The first instructions created were controversial among the players. Someone argued that instructions do not affect the outcome of the game. The main point of the instructions was that by pressing a certain button, Australian players would be able to influence the course of the game in the form of prompts or the visible ability to stop the reel at a certain moment. This gives the appearance of controlling the progress of the game. Over time, the popularity of this button grew, and for this reason, more and more online slot game began to be equipped with a skill button.

  • Multipliers

This system assumes the accumulation of prize combinations, as a result of which there is an opportunity to win the amount multiplied by the number of winning bets.

Benefits of Free Online Slots

It seemed that all the advantages of playing in an online casino are real money winnings without leaving your home. However, free online slot games also provide several more benefits. Previously, it was impossible to imagine playing slots without coming to a real casino, paying for a bet and spinning the reel. You couldn’t play just using your computer and a couple of clicks. Moreover, it was impossible to play for free. It is difficult to imagine a situation when in a real casino, you ask the employees to give you a free spin, please. But all that changed the moment the Australians got the chances to use online video slots. In which, accordingly, it was not house advantage to play from home, what table games are deprived of, but also to receive free spins and bonuses for additional games, even without financial investments.

Another benefit of free online casinos is a skill-based experience. With the help of the free version of the online casino, Australian players can try various slot game, understand the principle of their games, before placing a maximum bet for real money.

Most online casinos provide certain slot machines for free use. Some are easy enough to use; others are not. But they are enough to start with simpler slots at the beginning of a casino gaming career, gradually switching to complex slot machines schemes. For beginners, free video slots are great odds to have a new long term hobby without investing money.

Mobile Slots Peculiarities

It is no surprise to anyone that mobile devices are rapidly replacing computers for using video poker machines in online casinos, because they are much more convenient, in terms of mobility and the ability to use the network in any convenient place. Besides, technologies are rapidly developing and playing online slots on mobile devices is equally convenient or even several times more convenient than on personal computers. Online slots are ideally adapted to mobile screens, and there is practically no difference in operation.

It should be noted that not all gambling machines are adapted for mobile phones. The process of transferring slot game to mobile apps goes from newest to older. Therefore, if you did not find your favourite slot in the application, it means that the slot is of the old model. When you choose an online casino slot, it is impossible to determine if it works in a mobile casino immediately. More likely to work on mobile devices if modelled by some popular provider such as Betsoft, NetEnt or Quickspin.

There is also a difference between your favourite slots on the computer screen and in the mobile application. It’s all about the screen size of your devices. To optimise the online casino slot for mobile devices, it was necessary to change its image in some ways. In most cases, there are more compressed images of video reels. This does not mean that some of their functions are also cut out. Mobile slot games contain the same part of the functions as an online casino video slot, and sometimes even more functions and bonuses from the loyalty system specifically for mobile slot players.

Basic strategies for slots

Slots are one of the most classic casino games that are simple for the player. You just need to spin the drum and hope for luck. It is impossible to influence which symbols will appear, as well as when the jackpot will fall out. Also, it cannot be determined when the slot is “cold” or “hot”. This does not mean that there is nowhere to pay attention. You need to find out what type of slot is in front of you. There are three types of spinning reel slot – multiplier and progressive.

  • Progressive. According to this long-run strategy to win a jackpot, it also makes no sense to pay less than the maximum number of coins. When a combination of symbols falls out, the player receives a percentage of each coin played. Previously, each slot machine worked independently, and the progressive jackpots were determined independently. Still, now electronic slots are networked with other slots, and all the coins played on the network are added to the total jackpot—basic strategies for slots.
  • The buy-a-pay. is one of the main indicators in a casino, the skill-based strategy of which you must know to get the most profit from your bet. The main idea of this strategy is not to play less than the maximum payout amount. With this strategy, each played coin will book a set of symbols or a pay line. The first coin books the winnings for cherry symbols, while the second activates the streak, and the third activates the sevens. If you bet only one coin, even if the jackpot falls out, the player does not receive money, which can be a very offensive ending.
  • Multiplier – an indicator by which the winnings are proportional to the bet, excluding the maximum jackpot. If you can put three coins into the game at the same time, but you use one, then three bars will return ten. For two coins, three ingots will return 20, and for three coins – 30. With other symbols like sevens, you can get 500 and 1000 for one and two coins, respectively. But if you played all three coins, sevens can return up to 10,000. Carefully read the instructions on the machine.

How to Play Online Slots for Free

Many people, starting to play online casinos, assume that they can play online slots for free, although this is contrary to the entire casino system. It is assumed not just free spins from welcome bonuses or additional spins from online slot video games which can carry cash prizes, but more global full-fledged games without investing real money. With the help of free online casino slot, players expect to familiarise themselves with the online casino system and explore different types of slot games and decide which one is most suitable for them.

In 2020, in the age of mobile technologies, online casino operators have no one reason not to provide a free version of playing slot games in online casinos. However, not all online casinos are ready to provide players with the service of free casino games. At a minimum, online casinos require an account on their system before being able to play for free. But still, it often happens that online casinos do not provide even such odds. This fact can leave an unfavourable impression on players who are looking for odds to use slot games for free.

In case you are attracted by the slot of particular software, it is possible to visit its website directly. For the most part, his online slot machine games are free. If you are not interested in being linked to any online casino, then you can play slot games for free directly on the website of the software provider. This is a safe way to enjoy slots games.

Free Slots Software Providers

For those who use online slots just for fun, without claims of real money, the websites of software providers are great odds to spend their time. Their resources have video poker game of excellent quality, with full graphics and sound effects. Below is a list of the most popular software providers:

  • International Gaming Technologies (IGT)
  • Microgaming
  • Betsoft
  • NetEnt
  • Novomatic
  • Real-Time Gaming (RTG)

If at some point in the slots game on the free version of the software site you prefer to play for real money, then most of the games above can be found in Australian online casinos. After registering in the mobile app, you will receive bonuses for free spins or other nice gifts.

Online Slots Dictionary

To play freely in online casino slot machines and be a pro, as well as easily communicate with your casino colleagues, you need to know some of the terms that are used in the casino.

Bonus Slots – after a bet has been made, a combination of symbols may appear in slot machines that give you a bonus slot, which can later be used for further play and getting a cash prize.

Coin Size – The amount of prize to bet or paying.

Payline — the line leading to the winning, which is in the instructions of the slot.

Fruit Machine is the British name for slot machines. It appeared when the most popular slots in the country were decorated with fruit symbols.

Payout Percentage — the expected amount to be paid out in case of a prize combination. For example, with 98% payments, on average, for every dollar wagered, the player receives $ 0.98.

Big Bertha —big slot machines with eight to ten reels.

Bonus Feature — one of the symbol combinations that launches a free mini-game in which you can get a multiplier, credits or free spins.

Multiplier — a component that multiplies the number of winnings depending on the number of winning combinations in a row.

Credits —the amount of prize you have in your betting casino account.

Hit — a complex of pay lines that ends up winning.

Hit Frequency — the time it takes for a slot to get a winning combination.

Jackpot — a specific combination that leads to winning a large amount of prize.

Slots machine myths

  • Due to their less ignorance of how slot machines and the gambling industry in general work, there are many tips among Australian casino players on how and when to play slot machines correctly, which slots are better to choose and how to take a jackpot. However, to a large extent, these are incorrect beliefs and are not at all true. Let’s consider the most popular myths about slot machines and the casino system.
  • After the jackpot has been won in the machine, it cannot give money shortly, and it is necessary to change the machine. This is absolutely not true, for the reason that given money management, it is necessary to take profits and not stop. It never happens that the slot has cooled down. According to the program of random number generator, which is embedded in the code of slot machines, the probability of winning the jackpot in the next game is the same as the first time.
  • A high chance of winning is on the machine, which has not given out a prize for a long time. Slots have no concept of “on time”. All winning combinations work by chance. And even a long game with defeats may not end for a very long time.
  • The most winning machines in the casino are placed next to the aisle. This is a prevalent myth among casino players, which is why central machines are trendy. This myth convinces users that those who win at slot machines sit on public display and attract interested players with their joy. Even the fact that they give out a prize no often than others does not stop the players. There is some truth in this myth – not all slots in casinos have the same winning percentage, but you should not think that the system for placing machines is so simple.
  • The more people there are, the less likely it is to win. The slot program code of random number generators is written so that it does not depend on the number of people who simultaneously gamble and it is not easy for casino operators to change it. To make any changes, it is necessary to open the slot and replace the microcircuit. It’s hard enough to do it in a room full of people without suspicion.


How do you know when a slot machine will hit?

No matter how much you plan to win, the casino will still be profitable in the end. If you are confident that you will be able to win a large amount of prize in a short period thanks to your long run skills, then this is not the case. Real winnings in the short term are the result of pure chance, and it is impossible to predict this. In other cases, you are more likely to win in slot machines if you play with RNG of 97% and higher. This is a random number generator. One of the components of the developer’s code when creating video slots. Its goal is to generate a target of random combinations that will drop out on the screen of the slot. It is on this that the winning combination of symbols depends. It is carefully crafted at random, without any pre-scripted scenarios that slot players might reveal.

What are the highest paying slot machines?

You really have the opportunity to win a huge amount of money by playing online casino slot machines. This happens rarely enough, but still real. To do this, you may need years of playing slots or one lucky chance to place a bet at the right time. So, a player who spent only $ 100 on a bet won 39.7 million pounds in slot games. Today it is a record for the number of payments in the slot game.

Is it legal to sell slot machines?

Active slot machines are mainly electronic versions of slots. Owning and selling slot machines autonomously without the proper licenses and protocols is illegal according to gambling laws. Slot machines that were created more than 40 years ago are considered non-working and can be used exclusively for decorative purposes. Vintage slot machines cannot be used for profit.

Free slot games?

Free online slot machines are available for Australians at the best online casinos. This makes it possible to get to know the casino and gambling industry better, as well as choose the most suitable slot game for yourself. To play free games online, you don’t even need to download any free games to your computer, because they are available to play right in your browser. Do not neglect this opportunity to find out as much of the online casino video slots as possible. Listed below are the online casinos where you can find free slots games.

  • Kahuna Casino
  • Mucho Vegas Casino
  • PlayAmo
  • Jokaroom
  • Kahuna Casino
  • Mucho Vegas Casino
  • PlayAmo
  • Jokaroom
  • Kahuna Casino
  • Mucho Vegas Casino