Why are online pokies so popular today? Only those who have never played pokies before can ask this question. All amateur and professional players know that slot machines evoke a lot of different emotions and feelings, like delight, a rush of adrenaline, and excitement. Online casinos have become much more popular than casinos operating in real-time. Until recently you could drop by a casino in your city. Since the majority of countries proposed a ban on casinos and slot machines, on the Internet, there have appeared a lot of websites, especially in Australia, on which players can open up new opportunities that have been unavailable before. Big deposit bonuses, bonus rounds, convenient ways to make a deposit – all these features make online gambling platforms appealing. Nowadays, only Las Vegas houses the biggest real-time gambling platform.

All online casino customers who play pokies want to learn the algorithm of the slot machine to come for quick and easy money or get additional bonus rounds. Every player knows that slots use a random number generator. However, the desire to hit massive jackpots and cheat the slot machine makes thousands of inquisitive gamblers look for the secrets of slot machines that can help them to increase the odds of winning. Is it possible to predict the slot combinations using some tips?

Let’s bring an end to the rumours about existing strategies of cheating the machine. The only thing you can rely on is a pure chance or luck. The combinations on the reels change very fast so that you can’t remember what combination goes after another. Millions of sets of symbols per second line up on the game reels, even if the player does not click the “Start” button. Free online slot machines are almost impossible to cheat, but the player can enhance their odds of winning by following certain slot machine tips. Read our review till the end if you want to know how to benefit from playing casino games.

Play Licensed Casinos

When choosing an online casino or pokie game, the average user often takes into account the following criteria:

  • the website is on the first page of Google search results;
  • it has a catching advertisement;
  • the online casino or pokie has an attractive design;
  • it offers generous welcome bonuses and a lot of free spins.

Still, even these characteristics do not make the site absolutely safe and reliable. Make sure that you have chosen only those websites and games that are launched by licensed providers and game developers. Analyze comments and reviews written by other gamblers and read the user agreement carefully.

The most popular and, therefore, reliable online casinos in Australia are PlayAmo, Joe Fortune Casino, and Fair Go Casino (all rights reserved). These casinos offer lavish welcome deposit bonuses. For instance, Fair Go Casino allows its users to get a $1000 welcome bonus and 25 free spins on Mondays. You can get free spins even if you agree to receive the newsletter. The casino appeals to many people playing it because of its enticing bonus features. Like the other above-mentioned top casinos, Fair Go provides a lot of online pokies, progressives, table games, and other popular casino activities. So, players have numberless options in which way to win real money.

Try Demos

Before playing and making bets, we recommend you to test the demo version of a poker machine to explore all capabilities of the slot. Take advantage of the demo version by getting to know some winning symbols appearing on the reels (for example, scatter symbols help you to collect free spins and get other generous bonuses). Playing and analysing different online pokies can help you to choose a slot machine with the highest return-to-player (RTP) and payout percentage. As a rule, an RTP varies from a pokie to a pokie. Some slots have an RTP of 96%, but if you browse the Internet gambling sources, there is a chance to come across a slot machine with an RTP of 98%. Keep in mind that payouts may relate to a group of machines, rather than one (as in progressive games), and not all pokie machines in the group have the same payouts. So, free versions allow you to estimate what amount of money is better to bet and your chances to win real money in slot games.

Stick to the Same Casino

Have you ever thought about the best way to take advantage of online gambling platforms? To get access to all bonus features and increase the number of deposit bonuses and free spins, you need to get a VIP status or become a member of the loyalty program. Compare the loyalty programs of different platforms and try to find something that is most beneficial for you. As a member of the club, you can receive new offers via e-mail. Playing online pokies in the same casino allows players not only to discover all game-winning possibilities but also to increase their level or status.

Avoid Progressive Slots

A progressive jackpot in slot machines is a vast amount of money accumulated with every time a gambler plays the slot machine game. The accumulation is based on withdrawing a certain bet percentage. When trying to win a progressive jackpot, some players can lose their heads. There are several types of progressive jackpots. All of them have their own set of requirements relating to the number of coins a gambler is to bet. For example, you can become entitled to the maximum wide-area progressive jackpot amount only if you don’t hesitate to make huge bets. Having won this kind of progressive jackpots, you may not need to work for the rest of your life but be aware of the fact that the chance of winning for a player to win one is so tiny, that sometimes there is no point in trying. It is better to select pokies with multiple lines and multipliers.

Take Control of Yourself

The best way not to go broke while playing pokies is to limit yourself. Those who know certain bankroll management tips can succeed in any pokie game. It is better to keep your bankroll from your everyday money. Let us explain: the more dependant you are on pokie games trying to win and pay the bills, the more vulnerable and nervous you become. You should play poker machines with a clear mind; otherwise, you will miss something. Before you press the Spin button, you can also set a loss limit, or the amount of money you can’t afford to lose.

If it is possible, distribute the bankroll for a certain period of time. Estimate how much you will spend within thirty minutes. If you win more than lose within these thirty minutes, save your profit and continue to bet the original bankroll. If you lose more than win, wait until these thirty minutes are over and then continue gambling. Greed and the desire to win back are two of the most dangerous traps that players usually fall into. It can deprive the game of all fun. So be careful!

Slow Down

Every online poker machine in Australia or any other ‘gambling’ country aims to make you play as much as possible. Some people get carried away with gameplay: they make an unbelievably large number of spins within just an hour. Every slot game requires moderation. The faster you play, the more likely you are to go broke. Remember that while playing a pokie machine extremely fast, you do not increase your odds to get the winnings or hit the jackpot, but the casino increases the chances to take your bankroll.

Rely Upon Your Luck

Slots games are games in which your intellectual abilities are not likely to do you a service. So, make sure it is your lucky day. Pay attention to various signs relating to money. Have you found a valuable coin on the street? Have you noticed some pokies symbols outside of the casino, in real life? Log in and spin the reels before your luck says ‘goodbye’ to you. It works the other way around: do not expect to get huge winnings or streak a bonus round if everything is against you on the day of playing. Pokies like confident and lucky customers. If you have lost a certain sum of money or do not feel that it is the very day you are going to win, avoid pokies machines.

Leave Before You Lose Everything

If you do manage to hit a massive jackpot or get big winnings, there are two options for you. The first one: leave the casino or slots website as fast as you can, turn off the computer, and ‘roll in delight’. Do not bet the money you have just won as you may end up losing everything you have gained. Save the winnings for other purposes. The second option: continue playing the pokie game under one condition – set a limit for yourself. Save some coins for yourself.

Play Pokies When You Are In a Good Mood

When you start to play a pokie game, make sure that you in the mood for that. Avoid playing pokies after you have gone through a negative experience or an emotional breakdown. Pokies machines are not your psychotherapists who can help you make out. Of course, going in for pokies is one of the best ways to relax and have fun, but they can make your emotional state worse if you begin to lose one round after another. Free spins may help you out but not for long. Thus, if you have some personal issues, address them to your close people or your personal psychotherapist.

Avoid High Expectations

The main mistake that players who have just dived into the world of pokie games make is that they expect to win right away. Even top casinos and pokies in Australia cannot ensure you that. You should always bear in mind that there are more odds to lose than to win. Do not think of pokies as a sure-fire way to win real money. Still, if you want to get lucky when entering the pokies site, try to think about a jackpot or free spins.


How do you win on pokies?

There no particular strategies to win pokies games, and you should always rely on a pure chance. The reason pokies are impossible to cheat is that they use RNG, and it is difficult to predict mathematical combinations and symbols lining up on the reels. However, some useful tips can help you to increase the odds of hitting the jackpot. We hope that you will find the review above insightful and useful.

What is the best Pokie machine to play?

If you read our review carefully, you will find top online gambling platforms in Australia that offer a lot of pokies games and other gambling activities. Pokies on the websites are usually classified according to the number of users who play these slots. So you can choose the most popular one or look through reviews on other pokies. We recommend you to choose a safe (licensed) online casino. Plus, it better to pick up a casino that offers lavish deposit bonuses and lots of free spins.

What percentage do poker machines payout?

The average return to player in pokies is 90 per cent. The online platforms that we have provided have the highest payout percentage. No wonder they are on the top of the list of the best casino platforms. They offer not only big payouts but intriguing bonus features (generous deposits bonuses, bonus rounds, and numerous free spins).

Are Pokie machines rigged?

No, they are not. Pokies are present almost in every reliable online gambling platform. In our review, we dwell on pokie tips and pick up the most trusted gambling websites. We want to point out that no gambling platform aims to have complaints from their regular customers, so you can rest assured that every pokie on the platforms is safe and fair.