The prime goal of the recourse is to monitor, collect, and analyse information from online casino sites. Sometimes we automatically collect some personal data. Personal data is every piece of information connected to the customer, often referred to as a user. Processing of it is an operation that can include different actions and stages of comparing, analysing, changing, storing, updating, and even deleting it. In the section below, we will give a description of the company’s privacy policy.  

Privacy Policy

There are some privacy practices that are known as privacy policy in general. It could be applied only to the information that was shared with the site. In this case, the Web Administrator becomes responsible for everything that happens to it. His position is set to secure any kind of personal data, collected by the site.

There are some cases when we can get personal data from the Users:

  1. Users provide personal data themselves. Registered or not, any User of can find useful information about online gambling on this resource without necessarily leaving no personal data. The mailing list made by our company is based on the free will of our customers and voluntary action to provide us with their e-mail addresses. They can decide to unsubscribe at any given moment or continue getting e-mails with special offers, promotion bonuses, free spins, etc.
  2. There is a certain amount of personal data that is collected automatically. Usually, it is some technical information about network functioning including time and date you have used the site, your operating system, the PC you use, and your IP-address. The information about your hand-held device if you access the mobile version of the site.
  3. Cookies are the files that your PC receives from the site and then send it backward. This is a process that improves the usage of the web site by remembering your preferences. It can automatically activate some features of the site. Navigation through the site becomes more convenient. Users can get customised ways to interfere with a resource. 

More About Using the Cookies

Most commercial sites nowadays use Cookies to evaluate their marketing strategy: web administrators can see what pages have been more interesting and visited by the Users, identify usage issues fast, and make recent updates and improvements. There’s nothing to be afraid of in terms of collecting the Cookies. It is not just the way the site analyses your actions to compete with your expectations about the, but it is a standard practice when your computer is also storing this kind of information. 

Today we can see a warning sign whenever you are entering a site that uses Cookies. It is made for you to be aware of collecting your personal data and got nothing to do with harmful malware and virus programs. You may block and delete Cookies at any time using your browser settings, but you need to know that some resources may not function well after that. Many sites nowadays use Cookies to evaluate their marketing strategy: web administrators can see what pages have been more exciting and visited by the Users, identify usage issues fast, know the Users more, and make recent updates and improvements.

Processing the personal data

As we mentioned before, the Web Administrator is in charge of all the works needed to preserve our customer’s personal data. Our company is processing data only in ways that are legally justified and necessary. Usually, there is a very specific reason to do so: if some User is concerned about processing it in a certain way or it could be the obligations the site takes in some kind of contract relations. We can guarantee that the personal data collected is never given to any third party by any means. Our team provides an excellent information security level. In some rare cases, the information could be transferred to a third party if needed due to recent legislation.

These are the steps we take to protect personal data:

  • All our employees have signed the confidentiality agreements. There is no need to trust anybody by word if there’s a legal contract providing statement.
  • The data used is always encrypted and is unavailable for third party users. We use SSL technology to protect your personal data.
  • Only the members of our team that provide services to our customers have access to this kind of information and use it to improve our features and Customer Support.

Generalising the principles of the privacy policy

All the statements provided in the articles are valid until there is an official update made by the Web Administrator. If you feel uncomfortable with your personal data being used by the site, you can access the special section to contact our support team or contact the Web Administrator filling in the special form provided. Remember! It is your responsibility to read the information about our site’s privacy policy and keep in touch with the latest versions of it.