Roulette, one of the most famous gambling games that people play around the world. It gives casino visitors glamour, mystery and fascinates them since the 17th century. And the popularity of this game is huge. Now you don’t need to go to the casino to get your winnings. You can play and earn money on gambling online. The rules of the game are simple, but the main nuances should be understood to have a chance of winning.

Here you will find all the useful information about the game: its history, variations, and tips. If you are new to the gambling world — do not miss it out! Read the article carefully, and by the end of it, you will know how to play this game.

What is it all About and Where it Came From?

The game in question is a gambling game consisting of a spinning wheel with 36 red and black sectors and a 37th green sector “zero” with the designation of zero (in the USA version there are two green ones — 0 and 00, 38 sectors in total). The players can place bets on whether the ball lands on a colour (red or black), an even or odd number, a range (1 — 18 or 19 — 36), or a specific number. The croupier spins the ball through the wheel, which moves in the opposite direction to the rotation of the roulette wheel, and eventually falls onto one of the sectors. Winnings are awarded to everyone whose bets is played (bets on colour, range, even-odd bets, or numbers). And you should understand that this game is based on sheer luck only, you can not cheat there.

The History

What about the history of the game? First of all, the name “roulette” comes from french “roulette” (a small wheel). There is still no reliable answer to the question of the place where it first appeared. Different sources say that roulette was invented in China or France.

In 1655, the French scientist Blaise Pascal, working on the creation of a perpetual motion machine, experimented with a wheel and a ball revolving around it. The purpose of the mechanism was far from gambling. Mystics believe that the secret of the game was suggested to the scientist by the Devil himself. No wonder that roulette is sometimes called the “Devil’s wheel” because if you count the sum of all the numbers on it, the result will be 666, which is called the number of the beast.

According to the second version, French law enforcement agencies have created a roulette wheel to distract the people from playing cards. At that time, the number of card fraudsters was extremely high. And in the invention, contact with the cheaters was limited.

Another version is connected with China. It is believed that Tibetan monks used to play”Magic Square” — a game like that with the help of 37 animal figures, which were subsequently fixed on a wheel and replaced with numbers.

In fact, casino games similar to roulette were played by different peoples, for example, the Indians and Greeks.

The Inception

The earliest documented mentions of roulette (such as we know today — a spinning roulette wheel with slots of two colours and zero sectors) date back to the end of the 18th century.

Over the centuries, roulette was a tool of profit for the treasury of the royal house, the French aristocracy was forced to play it, and roulette was incredibly popular, and roulette was a fashionable game. In Europe, at that time it was even called the “Queen of casinos”! And though it became boring to the majority of the players, it was never forgotten. As it was in the past, it continues to attract gamblers to regular casinos, and from the 20th century to online casinos.

What does the game possess that so magically retains the title of an invariable attribute of any casino? What is it so special about it? You can definitely agree that perhaps roulette is the only game that associates with the casino for most people in the world. Though only a few people understand what French roulette is, how the USA roulette wheel differs from the European roulette, what is the advantage of the casino in this game, how the pokie table is marked, and, in the end, what is the ball made of for modern roulette … but! You can stop any passer-by on the street or ask the passenger sitting next to you on the bus: “What is the most popular gambling game in a casino?” and in response, you will probably hear: “Roulette!”

Different Type

There are three common types of roulette: American, European roulette, and French roulette. Each of them is a little bit different.

Single Zero

In a modern casino, French roulette and European roulette are almost identical. The main differences are only in the names of the bets (but they are essentially the same) and in the way the roulette playing field is drawn. Both roulette systems use the same wheels and the same types of bets ( outside bets, split bets, column bets, even money bets, roulette bets in roulette casino games, corner bets, basket bet, line bet, number bet, and other kinds of bets for players in any casino games). Both classic and standard roulettes are used as the basis for most online roulettes. These roulettes are also commonly referred to as single-zero roulettes.

  • The goal of the game: to guess in which of the sectors the ball will land.
  • 37 red-black alternating sectors on the wheel: numbers from 1 to 36.
  • 1 green sector: sector zero, which gives an advantage in the casino.

Single zero roulette has its pros and cons. You can check out more articles specifically about single zero roulette.

Double Zero

What is it and how to play roulette of this type? American roulette or double zero roulette is significantly different from European and French roulette. This type of famous gambling game originated in America after the French roulette was brought there. Of course, its current version did not appear in one day but was developed over decades. But it is precisely in this form that American roulette or roulette with double zero has existed for the second century not only in casinos on the American continent but also in casinos all over the world, including online casino.

  • The goal of the game: to guess in which of the sectors the ball will land.
  • 37 red and black alternating sectors on the wheel: numbers from 1 to 36.
  • 2 green sectors: sector zero (0) and sector double zero (00), which give an advantage in the casino.

American roulette is the most popular type of casino game among Australian players.

The Pokie can Make you Rich!

If you are one of those players who came to play roulette and win real money, you should know that your chances are 50/50, but if you are lucky enough, you can become a winner.

How to Play Roulette?

Well, first of all, all you need to do is to choose a winning number (or a couple of numbers) and put your chips on the roulette table. Then you and other players need to wait for the dealer to spin the wheel. If the ball lands on your number, matching the bets of yours on the roulette table — you can dance, you won! This is pretty much it—straightforward rules. For players who are new to gambling, this game can be a perfect choice to start playing and exploring the casino business.

Betting Options

The main point of the game is that you are waiting for the winning number or colour that you have chosen. To do this, you need to place bets with roulette chips. There are several types of bets.

Inside bets are placed on certain numbers and will give you more money if you win. You can place the following inside bets:

  • “Straight up” inside bets when you bet on a single number. Winnings 35: 1.
  • “Split bet” bets are bets on two numbers, and the winning is 17 to 1.
  • A bet “Street” inside bets obviously) bets on three numbers and the winning is 11 to 1.
  • Bets on three numbers can be made with just one chip, simply by placing it in front of the desired number line. Any “street” (the row of three numbers or more numbers) on the roulette table.
  • “Corner” bets are a 4-digit bet and will win 8 to 1 (These cover two numbers, four numbers, or six numbers. There can be a single number.)
  • The chip lies where four numbers cross. (Read what four numbers mean in the pokie.)
  • A bet on six numbers wins 5 to 1.
  • The chip lies between two tracks of numbers.
  • In American roulette, there is a bet on five numbers, in which you bet on the numbers “0,00,1,2,3” and the payout on winning is 6 to 1. There is also a bet on numbers 0 and 00, which gives a win of 17: 1.
  • Column bets

Outside bets are bets that are placed outside the number field. Here are the betting options.

  • A bet on red or black colour gives a 1: 1 win.
  • Bet on odd or even gives 1: 1.
  • Column bet, i.e. bet on 12 numbers gives 2 to 1
  • A dozen (bet on 12 numbers) gives 2: 1
  • High or low bets are 1 to 1.

The Odds

Every roulette table (and every casino game) has its own house edge. All roulette bets on both wheels (American and French) are paid based on the probability of the number being drawn. Their advantage is in the number “0” (“00” in the American) There are several theories about how you can improve the likelihood of your number coming up, but these are all myths. However, there are a couple of ways to change your luck a bit:

  • In American Roulette, the “00” square increases the house edge even more. On a table with one zero, the casino has a 2.7% advantage, while on a table with two zeros, its advantage rises to 5.6%.
  • Some French roulette tables have rules that help players. The “La Partage” rule and “En Prison” rule are valid for outside bets but also bets at “0”. They are similar in that the players lose only half of their bet, but with “La Partage”, the player cannot keep the remaining half of the bet for the next spin. With “En Prison”, the player is not allowed to take the remaining half of the loss.

What Else Should you Know About the Pokie?


Before you start, you need to find a suitable roulette table. Each table has a minimum bet and a maximum bet. For example, the poster on the table will say “$5 minimum bet inside, $5 outside bet, $1000 maximum outside bet, $100 maximum inside bet.” The maximum bet on inside bets is lower than on outside bets because of the higher payout when you win.

Each roulette table will have a board where will be written all the numbers that were drawn before. Don’t be too naive to think that you can use this board to guess the probability of a ball lands on a certain number. With every next spin, the odds of landing each number remain the same. Nothing changes.

Watch What is Happening

There are no strategies in roulette. The game is based on luck and nothing more! Bets, bets, bets, and more bets will ensure your victory.

Sometimes, dealers develop habits. They can throw the ball each time at a certain angle and with a certain force. Each time the dealer throws the ball, the same numbers slip, which increases the likelihood that certain numbers will come up frequently.

Sometimes the wheel may spin out of balance. But, casinos quickly find the problem. It is impossible to understand if the wheel is spinning out of balance. To do this, you will have to track thousands of spins. Players should learn about casino edge to maximise the chance for victory.


Is roulette legit in Australia?

Yes. Australian players can play and place bets on overseas online casino websites, including split bets, outside bets, even money ones, inside bets, and other bets available in roulette games.

What is the best bet in online roulette?

Everything about this game is based on luck. You can find some advice on the internet about the best bets, but it is a minimal chance that this information will really help you to win. Before one bets substantially, it is recommended to get to know about bets in roulette games, read about casino edge, red or black betting,

How do you play the game of online roulette?

“How to play roulette” is a popular question. The rules and the whole process of playing are pretty easy. There are a lot of betting options. The first six bets are placed on numbers from 0 to 36. (choose the winning number yourself) If you want to make a column bet, place your chip on one of the three empty spaces below the columns. If you want to bet on a dozen, place your chip on P12 for the first dozen, on M12 for the second, and D12 for the third. To place an outside bet, place your chip on black or red, odd or even, highs or lows.

Some players love to observe, either trying to learn from others what they themselves do not know or making opposite bets to their opponents. You can do the same, but it won’t change your luck and chances of winning.

Also, before you start learning the rules, remember that there is not only one version of roulette. Read about house edge, outside bets, house advantage, red-black bets, and numbers of other tips all online casino players should learn about. Do not forget about the American version of roulette with double zero. Double zero might be the one you’d love to play the most.

How do you guarantee a win in online roulette?

Again, there are no guarantees. But if you start playing with bets on odd or even, Here the chances to win are higher, though the amount of money that you can win is lower. But for new players, this is an ideal way to start. Read the terms and conditions of playing roulette casino games, find out about bets in roulette, red or black betting, house edge, outside bets, casino edge and house edge features, and the odds of winning a five-number sum will rise.

Keep in mind that people play roulette not because they need the money, but because they need entertainment. So play the pokie and enjoy the process!