Laws in Australia don’t allow gambling at casinos; however, the rule doesn’t apply to online casinos and casino games, referred to in Australia as ‘pokies’.’ As the number of online casinos in Australia and across the globe is growing every day, bookmakers need to find new ways of attracting beginning gamblers. The stakes are high because if one bookmaker offers better terms than the other, he wins and gets money from new players, and the other…well, the winner takes it all.

In the article, we’ll take a closer look at main free online casinos bonuses, talk about the pros and cons of them and, based on this information, and you will decide which bonus is more satisfying for you.

Also, we’ll talk a bit about why people generally like bonuses and why they mostly prefer them for discounts. As it turned out, there’s an explanation for why this is happening. Interested? Then keep reading till the end!

Free-1-hour Bonus on Gambling

So, the first bonus is about the free-1-hour bonus, meaning players can gamble for 1 hour without paying a deposit. That’s beneficial for both sides: new players get free bonus bets, and online casinos increase their chances of attracting beginning gamblers, and, therefore, increases the amount of money they receive.

If you want to get the Free-1-hour bonus on gambling, first of all, register at Playamo. After that, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll see some bonus promotions, which online casinos make sometimes. For example, online casinos might offer you 150AUD and one free bonus play for 1 hour. Please note the max number of bonus credits which you can transmit from your free account to your real account is 200 credits. Also, note that for cashing money out you have to:

  • pay a deposit of 50 credits at least;
  • place at least 100 bets ;
  • request the winning in 7 days maximum.

These actions may bring you money only if you follow terms and conditions of that online casino where you register your account. Be careful because wagering requirements differ in different online casinos. But the free-1-hour-bonus is the same everywhere, so you can gamble on various gambling sites and see the difference between a great variety of online casinos. Later you can choose the one which suits you more. Or you can decide not to become a gambler, and that is fine, too, as you won’t lose anything, because you didn’t deposit your own money.

Pros and Cons of 1-Hour bonus

Summarising, some apparent pros of this bonus are below:

  • free account;
  • free bonus money after signing up (and other options are possible, too);
  • free-1-hour bonus;
  • many online casinos offering such perks;
  • real money (that’s what all this is about, right?) on your card or in cash;
  • you won’t lose your own money as you don’t deposit any.

And some cons:

  • still have to pay credits as a deposit (at least 50 credits);
  • need to place large bets (100 bets minimum);
  • only a week to request your money.

Sounds fun, but let’s move to the second online casinos’ bonus, and that is – a free bet.

A Free bet: What’s That?

Compared to a free-1-hour bonus, a free bet is another way of bookmakers attracting new gamblers by allowing them to use their platform for the first time. Afterwards, you can exchange these bonus bets on money but only as a per cent of the first amount of money invested either as a fixed sum added to the very first deposit.

Before we move on to the deeper overview of the second bonus, let us friendly remind you: always read terms and conditions apply on every bookmakers’ websites, because they differ from each other, and some of them might require to pay a deposit to register an account to declare free bet. Here you can find a list of online casinos not requiring a deposit for free bets.

Now, let’s talk about what kind of free bet options online casinos offer:

  • A fixed sum added to your first deposit;
  • Bet amount matched;
  • Bet credits for free;
  • No deposit needed;
  • A set amount added to your free bet.

Two Ways to Use No deposit Offers

If you choose no deposit offers, you have two ways of using it:

  1. as free bonus credits for some specific sports or games (for example, like horse racing bet or football game bet);
  2. as bonus cash that you can use on real money bet option represented on the site.

Whatever casino bonus you prefer, these no deposit bonus offers to allow you to play and earn real money without using your credit card and without contacting your bank.

How to Get a Free Bet?

There is only 1 rule: you can use free bonus bets only if you’re a new client of this particular bookmaker. If so, the process of getting a free bet is easy: open this site, choose the best offer, click on it. Then you have to create an account, confirm your personality and age, accept cookies (you can change cookie settings later) and subscribe to the casino’s newsletter on email. That’s all.

In your first bet, it’s not necessary to use all your bonus discount credits, and you can do with them whatever you want. All information about the actual balance of bet credits you will find in your account.

How to Choose the best Online Free Bets

Before choosing a bookmaker offering free bets, ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Is there an expiration date of requesting free bets?
  2. Do you have to pay a min deposit for getting free bets?
  3. How do you know if you have a free bet on your account?
  4. Do you get bonus money after creating an account?
  5. Do you get free a bet only for events and sports?
  6. How many bets do you have to place?
  7. Do you need to make some particular min number of outcomes?
  8. Is there any required minimum number of bets you need to place to purchase your winnings?
  9. Do you need to download the casino software to cash out?

If you doubt whether the offer is legal or not, you can visit Competition and Markets Authority guidelines and check the information right there. Verified bookmakers are obliged to follow the requirements of GamCare. You can find more information and later reviews on gambling on the Gamble Aware.

Don’t ignore these recommendations because one day it will help you to protect yourself from dodgy and fake online casinos.

Approved Bookmakers

Here’s the list of some verified free online bet sites:

  1. 888sport
  2. Paddy Power
  3. Ladbrokes
  4. Fansbet
  5. Skybet
  6. 365Betfred
  7. William hill
  8. Betfair
  9. Betvictor
  10. Sportpesa
  11. Interbetbet
  12. Novibet

If you want to know how much money you get from betting, you can calculate it online with this free bet calculator. One good advice is to put down such info.

Free Bet for Professional Players

Usually, only new players can get free bets and other welcome offers after signing up at online casino websites for the first time. But punters in Australia have the same bonus discount privilege as beginning players. If you’re one of the members of the professional gambling club, you have loyalty discount programs, and you have access to any promo deals and the free casino bets, as well.

It means you get free bets for some period or after paying a min deposit. But, as we know, everything happens by chance, so for getting free bets, you have to stake on the suggested accumulator. It’s not that bad if you think about that as of the way to boost your odds of winning money.

Betting Bonuses

In addition to receiving free casino bets (which already sounds great) and free-1-hour perks, you can also get betting bonuses. And what are these?

Betting bonuses are the name for a fixed sum added to the first deposit, meaning online casinos allow you to put more money in you first bet without losing your money. In other words, if you get £75 as a bonus, it’s up to you, whether divide it in smaller wagers or to place it on the single stake.

If you’re a professional player (in Australia or the UK) and you use free bet tokens, be ready to the betting restrictions and limitations, as that what online casinos do in some ways. They set whatever rules they want and can also set a standard min number of bets you have to make to withdraw your winnings (i.e. on sports). Sometimes they ask you to make bets of the same amount as welcome bonus (or even bigger).


Let’s summarise what we’ve already discussed:

  • carefully read terms and conditions of the casino promotion (and we mean it);
  • pay attention to the wagering requirements (usually you have to download the casino software to meet those);
  • check the expiry date of free casino credits;
  • learn about the size of the deposit you have to make to get the casino promotion;
  • subscribe to the latest news in the gambling world;
  • make sure you can purchase your winnings from an online casino website in cash or by a bank transfer.

These simple actions will increase your odds on winnings in different racing events and sports.

Now we move on to the next online casino bonus – free spins casino bonus.

Free Spins Casino Bonuses

Free spins appear to be the most popular online casinos’ perks, which sometimes can be offered as prizes in online casinos’ promotions. With them, you can go on chosen slots, or you can use them as paid turn on the slot.

Unfortunately, they don’t cost a lot, so you can get only a few pence for one spin, meaning the free casino spins worth only a few pounds. Plus, you can’t choose slots on your own, as there are restrictions due to free spins, and there are limitations on how much you can get from 1 spin. So, as we can see, this discount bonus won’t increase your odds on winnings (not in sports, and not in some other ways).

Deposit Match Casino Bonuses

This type of casino bonus, among others, worth more than an ordinary no deposit casino bonus, and can be called as the most profitable casino bonus as it doubles the money of new gamblers they play with. If you pay a 100 deposit – you get a 100 bonus, meaning the more you give, the more you receive.

Maybe in this part, you started thinking about what’s the point for online casinos to double your money? That’s a good question, and the answer is pretty obvious: they do these discounts on purpose. Online casinos want to boost their odds of attracting new players. They want to make them visit the casino, again and again, and make regular deposits every time they sign in their accounts. This type of casino bonus can bring you money but also can be very tricky, so if you don’t read the wagering requirements carefully, you risk to lose more than you get.

Deposit Casino Bonuses

This type of casino bonus is a bit different from deposit match bonuses. It means beginning gamblers can get a specific bonus only after paying a min first deposit, i.e. you get a 100 bonus if you deposit min 20. Be careful with such online casinos’ offers if you don’t want to risk money on your card.

Loyalty Casino Bonuses

Talking of this type of casino bonus, we can see some similarity with first deposit bonuses. However, loyalty casino bonuses are usually triggered at some regular intervals, e.g. on the day, you created an account on the online casinos’ site.

These bonuses are for VIP gamblers, and online casinos use them to keep old players in the game. For example, they pay them cashback and offer financial help if they lose too much money. Unfortunately, if you’re a beginning player, you won’t get these perks, but who knows, maybe after a while you become a professional player, too, and will take what you deserve.

Other Online Casinos’ Discounts

There are other odds of getting online casinos’ bonuses, and of them is a refer-a-friend bonus. Become a player, invite your friend, then each of you will get a bonus as a reward.

The last casino bonus, which we’re going to cover in the article, requires a min deposit and allows to withdraw your winnings through Paypal or other virtual wallets. These are the great news for everyone who doesn’t have such cards, right? It can encourage some beginning gamblers to subscribe to online casinos, and that’s exactly what all the bookmakers want.

Finally, we moved to the final part of the article in which we’re going to talk about the psychology of customers (or people, in general) on liking bonuses and preferring them to discounts.

Let’s go! Get your free-1-hour bonus and win for real!

Bonuses vs. Discounts

But firstly, we need to understand the difference between such terms as bonus and discount.

bonus is a change in the product. The price remains the same and the product changes, i.e. if you see an advertisement saying “buy one bottle of shampoo and get the second bottle for free”, you give your cash for one item and get two.

discount is a change in the price. The price goes down and the amount of the shampoo in the bottle, for example, remains the same. Customers like such offers because it allows them to pay 50 % less for the same product.

But why such offers even exist? What is the profit for markets?

Discount or Bonus: What Would you Prefer?

The main message here is that everything happens by chance. Business people in all kind of spheres want to make sure that customers leave their cash exactly in their store, so they search for different ways to reach their gain. That’s how bonuses and discounts appeared.

But we have a different question now: why customers choose bonuses over discounts? What are the odds between them?

People in Australia mostly prefer bonuses, but discounts work, too. And still, it’s bonuses that boost odds that customers leave their cash in the grocery (or any other) store.

So, why?

Bonuses: Four Reasons why

Each of these benefits is effective, but customers mostly prefer bonuses over discounts.

The First Reason Why:

  • people make their choice based on the way how these choices are framed.

It’s all about the gain and the loss. Customers interpret discounts as a loss and bonuses as a gain. Even if they can be economically equivalent, one of them will always be seen as a loss and the other as a gain. And people in Australia prefer to gain more than to lose, so it’s just pure psychology.

The Second Reason Why:

  • customers are bad at calculating percentages.

And numbers can be tricky sometimes.

I can say that 50 is a more significant number than 33, and that’s correct. But does it means that 50% is bigger than 33%? Don’t hurry with the answer and remember what we said about tricky numbers and even trickier percentages.

Sometimes 50% is bigger than 33%, and sometimes it’s not. It’s bigger if:

  • there are two promotions: 1. promotion offers 50% more shampoo; 2. offers 33% more shampoo.

But other times, 50% indeed is not bigger than 33%.

The Third Reason Why:

  • people forget about the base value.

People operate with percentages in the same ways they work with regular numbers, but it’s totally inappropriate as percentages need to be used differently.

How is this way different? It’s different in the way that they demand a base value.

And what is the base value? Though it might sound like something complex, in reality, it’s quite easy.

More About Base Value

If you need to know if something is 50% more or 50% less, you have to ask more or less than what? And this “that what” appears to be the base value. Thus, percentages always rely on the base value, and that’s what we can’t say about regular numbers.

People are mostly like to choose the promotion with the phrase “50% freer” than others with the “35% off the regular price”, even when these promotions are economically equivalent. Between two options, between the “gain” or “loss” customers will choose to gain something, as they don’t want to “save 35%”. Indeed who needs your base value when you have 50% more free shampoo in the bottle?

The Fourth Reason Why:

  • consumers don’t want to waste their time comparing numbers located close together.

It turns out it’s difficult for people to compare numbers located close to each other. It takes a few milliseconds more to compare 25 and 50 than it takes to compare 10 and 11. It’s the same with percentages: you need to stop for a second to analyse what number is in front of you.

It means that there’s a big chance you choose not some product with a discount but a product with a bonus offer if this offer is bigger. Again pure psychology: as promotion grows, the numerosity of the percentage between a discount and a bonus grows, too. And that’s what catches you.

Discounts vs. Bonuses: the Summary

Summarising what we’ve just covered, we can see that people tend to prefer bonuses to discounts because it’s easier to choose a gain than a loss. Another point for such choice is that people are horrible at calculating and especially at calculating percentages. And we totally can’t blame them for that because it’s not their fault algorithms work this way. People also often forget about the base value, which is extremely important for comparing bonuses and discounts, but again, algorithms are a mess for ordinary customers. And the last reason why bonuses attract people is that it’s easier for them (mistakenly, but still) to compare percentages than to compare discounts of regular numbers.

It’s all about psychology. People always try to avoid risk, and that’s normal for all human beings. Normally, we avoid risk situations even if they may bring us some profit. We also don’t like feeling guilty, and we don’t want to regret anything, because in this case, we have to justify it. And we don’t like it. We like being in the company, and we like interacting with other human beings, we spend money on everything that keeps us distracted from our thoughts.


That’s why we spend money on online casinos, that’s why we like bonus they’re offering us. Because we think that bonus can’t be risky, because we like to gain something, because we want to have it all and for free. That’s just pure psychology, remember?

And that’s what bookies know, that’s what they use to grab your attention and boost the odds of increasing the existing amount of money they have. Look: they offer these free bonuses to make you stay with them and to purchase you with these discounts.

Though it’s happening outside your conscious awareness, it’s still only up to you to decide whether to play these games or not. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be a part of these online casino experiences, or not.

Now, after reading this article, you know everything about online casinos’ discounts, you know what kind of bonus will help you to earn real money, you know how to become a gambler in Australia and the UK. And it’s still up to you to decide whether you want to subscribe to it or not.


Are online casinos rigged?

Some of them may be rigged, but you can choose any approved online casino site from the list in the article, so you don’t have to risk. All the bookmakers in the list are licensed in Australia and the UK and follow the legal gambling standards of these countries. Don’t forget to read wagering requirements on all online casinos’ websites carefully.

What is the biggest payout at online casinos?

It depends on the bookmaker, but sometimes it can reach almost 98%. Remember that big payouts lead to the problems with cashing it out. Also, very often, bookmaker’s offers of money may be too high, and it’s made to grab your attention. There could be some conditions, written in the small print on the bottom of the page, which you can occasionally skip and subscribe to them. To make sure that doesn’t happen, carefully read all the terms and conditions as well as wagering requirements.

What is the biggest bonus?

Talking of the bonuses we’ve just covered in the article, deposit match bonuses are the most profitable, and even new players can get them.

Can I win real money with free bonuses?

Yes, you definitely can. But don’t forget to carefully read the wagering requirements of that online casino website where you have an account. Remember that big winning leads to the problems with cashing it out, so sometimes it’s easier to win small money and take them without extra stress.