Credit cards are everywhere these days. It’s hard to imagine a single transaction that would not involve credit cards. Even more, now we mostly pay via payment applications on our mobile devices attached to our actual bank accounts. It is no surprise that online gambling is also a part of this system. Online casinos embraced credit card payment methods years ago, making gambling online easier and faster.

Today, using credit cards makes transactions easier and safer for online gamblers around the world. In Australia, many gambling sites accept credit cards. To find that out, you need to look at the banking section of a casino’s homepage. It’s the section where all the available banking methods are listed. If you spot Visa and Mastercard logos, then you know that the casino will accept credit cards.

In this post, you Will Learn:

  • How to choose online casinos for credit deposits in Australia;
  • How to deposit in online casinos via credit cards;
  • How to withdraw your winnings using a credit payment option.

You will also learn about the strongest, and the weakest points of using credit card payment in online casinos and get a brief Q&A on frequently asked questions related to this popular payment method.

  • Many online casinos allow credit card payments. Using credit cards is really a fast and easy way of funding your casino account. But be careful, there are things all online casino players must keep in mind before registering their Visa or Mastercard cards at a casino site. When you’re choosing a credit card casino for yourself, do it wisely.

Choosing Online Casinos That Accept Credit Card

How do you choose the best online casino that supports credit card transactions for players in Australia?

If you live in Australia and are looking for a credit card casino, you could trust, take a look at this list of tips on how to choose the best casino that will accept credit card payments.

1) Licensing

  • Credit card casinos have their licensing info at the bottom of their homepages. If there is none, we recommend leaving such sites.
  • At the bottom of the casino’s webpage, you will see logos of their licensing body. It might be Visa, Mastercard. These logos mean that players can use credit cards as a payment method in this casino.
  • Should you have any difficulty finding the licensing information, you may also contact the casino’s customer care service. Ask an operator about licensing details of their online mobile casino.

2) Security

Secured gambling transactions are what we usually expect from online casinos, where we play casino games for real money. Checking out all the necessary security information for a credit card casino is a must.

  • When on a casino’s homepage, try to find a “Security” button. Click on it to read everything on what measure a casino takes to provide safe and secure transactions. The best casino sites use up-to-date digital encryption and data protection, providing the safest gambling experience when playing in casinos online.
  • If you are not able to find anything on payment security, try addressing a customer support team for inquiry. Or consider looking for a safer casino site.

3) Customer Support

It’s high time we talk about the importance of customer support services on credit card casino sites. Since online casino players bet real cash, they want to make sure that not only your payments are secured but also that at any moment players may count on a devoted customer care team, should anything go down. Not only high-class software or generous bonuses like free spins and such make for the best gambling experience. Not a single of the best online casinos can we imagine without quick and professional online support.

Here are a few simple tips on how to make sure you’re dealing with a professional customer care team:

  • To quickest the online casino’s client support service, try giving them a call or texting them. You might want to do this to see how quick their response is and how helpful and competent they are. If the response is next to none or if the information you’re getting is minimal, we strongly recommend leaving such a casino.

4) Bonuses & Promotions

Online casino bonuses and promotions make online casino games even more fun.

For instance, casinos may offer players a welcome bonus, a free spins bonus, or a cash back bonus. Such offers may occur as special promotions for players who gamble from their mobile devices or use credit cards as their payment method.

When choosing an online casino, find out if there are any promotions like a welcome bonus or free spins, or credit card bonuses like cashback offers players may receive if they use credit cards for gambling.

Casino game bonuses:

  • Most casinos offer players a welcome bonus for a certain amount of real money. A welcome bonus is a kind of a deposit bonus that allows players to begin gambling with extra cash from the casino. Sometimes a deposit bonus allows a player not to deposit in the first place. This serves as a reward for new players and existing players as a gratitude for their loyalty to a casino.
  • Free spins are another kind of bonus offers from online casinos. Free spins are traditional for slot games. It means that players receive a certain amount of free spins with no extra cash investment.

Promotions like a welcome bonus or free spins may increase players’ chances of winning. So make sure you don’t miss them.

Cashback Offers:

  • A cashback offer (or a cashback bonus) is a casino promotion that players may get when choosing to use a credit card for gambling. As the name of the offer implies, some casinos may return a certain amount of cash to their players. But usually, it only works when players bet large sums of money.

If you like playing big using your credit card, an online mobile casino with cashback offers is what you’re looking for.

5) Gaming software

High-quality gaming software is what each player expects from a modern online casino. There are myriads of fantastic casino games out there. So when choosing the best credit card casino, pay attention to the ones that have a wide range of modern casino games from various software providers. You can find the list of casino games developers on each reputable online casino’s homepage.

How to Make a Deposit With a Credit Card?

When you’ve chosen a casino and have made sure that it is a hundred per cent reputable, how do you make a deposit using your credit card?

Before we dive into that matter, let’s make a quick review of how credit cards actually work:

  • A credit card is a tool that allows you to make money transactions using money that is not actually in your bank account. Hence the word ‘credit’.
  • Each card has its certain credit limit which should not be exceeded. And you as a credit card holder must keep notice of that.
  • The size of a credit limit depends on the type of credit card, a client’s credit history, and the card provider’s policies. Different credit card providers’ policies may vary.
  • You must always check if your credit is not exceeded and return the credit you receive. You can do this at the end of each month or monthly. In the latter case, an interest rate may be charged.
  • If you are not a responsible credit card user and you exceed your credit limitations, you could face huge debts.

What’s the difference between a credit and a debit card?

Quite often, people may see no difference between a credit and a debit card when, in reality, there is one.

  • A credit card, as stated above, has a limited amount of money a bank client can spend. But this money never existed in their bank account and should be returned due to the credit card provider’s rules.
  • Whereas a debit card is a card that allows its holder to make money transactions using money they actually have in their bank accounts. A debit card has no limitation, so they won’t let a holder run into debt. The only exception being a negative debit card balance in cases of overdraft protection. Besides, a debit card may have daily purchase limitations which means you may not be able to make a large with a debit card. For instance, make a huge deposit in an online casino.

Put, when you pay with your Visa or Mastercard debit card, you make payments with your own cash, but when you use a credit card, you pay with your bank’s money which then you are obliged to return in full.

Using a credit card to make a deposit in an online casino

  • In Australia, credit card casinos accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards;
  • To be able to make a deposit in an Australian credit card casino, you must register a gambling account in one;
  • Enter your casino account and find the cashier;
  • To proceed with credit card transactions, choose your Visa, MasterCard, or AmEx card as a payment option;
  • Enter how much you want to deposit;
  • Submit your credit card details. They are your credit card holder’s name, your card number, your card’s expiration date, and CVV number. Enter the details carefully;
  • After confirming your card’s details enter the one-time-password, your bank will send you on your registered client’s smartphone;
  • Online casinos in Australia ( and live dealer casinos) usually process credit card deposits in no time so you can start playing right away as soon as you’ve done making a deposit.

Credit Card and Online Casinos: the Pros and Cons

As you have seen, using a credit card for online gambling in Australia is really easy. Casino credit cards system is one of the best banking options to date, which makes for a high-quality online gambling experience. However, using credit cards for making your casino deposits is still far from perfect. Here are the pros and cons of credit cards as online casino payment methods you should be aware of:


  • You can pay in almost all online casinos in Australia using Visa and MasterCard;
  • Credit card casino banking methods are secure and extremely fast;
  • Credit cards payment options are top-rated among online casino players, and most casinos try to provide this banking method;
  • Top-rated worldwide online casinos make credit cards a free deposit option which is also available for players in Australia;
  • Most online casino players around the world have credit or debit cards from Visa and MasterCard, which makes this banking method easily available almost everywhere.


  • There is a probability that your bank may cancel your transaction – deposits or withdrawals – because they are gambling-related;
  • Credit transaction fees are another problem. Sometimes a casino may charge a fee for a gambling transaction. And sometimes credit card casino transaction fees are charged by banks or credit card companies;
  • Some players are not careful enough when using credit cards for online gambling which results in huge debts. To avoid that, consider setting deposit limits and always pay your credit card bills on time.
  • Another danger online casino players should be aware of is a credit card cash advance. It is a system of short-term loans players can receive from casinos. It is a sure way to run into huge debts because a cash advance usually involves a high-interest rate and several additional fees.
  • Sometimes credit card casinos may have limitations on how much you can withdraw to your Visa or MasterCard credit card. So you have to come up with extra payment options which may get quite inconvenient, too expensive, or even insecure.

How To Withdraw Online Casino Winnings With Your Credit Card?

So you have registered at an online casino that accepts Visa or MasterCard. You’ve made deposits, and now you want to withdraw your winning. It is only fair if you want to make a withdrawal to the same account. But the truth is that sometimes it is impossible.

  • Pretty often credit card casinos may accept Visa or MasterCard for deposits only with no withdrawals available. This is due to gambling laws and bank policies involving taxes and fees. Some casinos would like to avoid.

But if you are lucky enough to find a casino that will accept your MasterCard or Visa card as a withdrawal option, here’s the procedure:

  • Enter your casino account and head for the cashier;
  • Choose your credit option to make a withdrawal;
  • Insert the withdrawal amount;
  • Proceed with the transaction and then wait.

A withdrawal transaction may take time quite longer than making a deposit. Deposits are usually instant at most online casinos. But it’s not the same with withdrawals. When you have confirmed a withdrawal transaction, it may take up to 5 business days for your money to arrive.

Visa or MasterCard?

As of 2020, it is best to use Visa than MasterCard as your both deposit and withdrawal payment options at online casinos. Although MasterCard is also extremely popular, not every gambling site will accept MasterCard for deposits and withdrawals.

And the least popular of banking options is American Express. There are online casinos that accept these cards, but the truth be told, if you wish to have a wider range of options when it comes down to choosing an online casino, you don’t want to go with AmEx.

But anyway before you start playing, read through the terms and conditions of the online casino to know what you can deposit funds and withdraw winnings with your credit card, be it Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Or you may consider choosing another payment method like E-Wallet systems, for instance:

  • PayPal;
  • Skrill;
  • InstaDebit;
  • Neteller;
  • Citadel;
  • EcoPayz.

Many players prefer E-Wallet services because they do not require entering the details, offer lesser to no fees, and provide faster transactions.


Can I Use a Credit Card at Online Casinos?

Paying in an online casino real money pokies, you can use your Visa, MasterCard, or AmEx as a payment method. This ensures fast and easy deposit transactions and safe withdrawals. However, there are some weak points to mention. Firstly, it is strongly recommended to find out if the casino accepts your card. And secondly, not all every casino will let you use your card both to deposit funds and withdraw winnings. Mind that before you register your online casino account and start playing.

Do Online Casinos Take Credit Cards?

Yes, they do. But not all bank cards can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. Visa is the most preferable of bank cards. The second-best choice is MasterCard. And the least popular bank card is American Express. The number of casinos that accept these cards as a both-way banking option is too small.

Can You Buy Scratchies with a Credit Card?

Scratchies are instant lottery tickets. To reveal your number, you have to scratch on the surface of a ticket. Years later, to get a scratchie, you needed to go to a news agency, a store, or a post office. But today you can play scratchies online on your PC or mobile phone. And yes, you can pay for that with your card. The concept is just like with any online pokies – you just deposit a certain amount of cash, and you’re in.

Do Casinos Accept Debit Cards?

As it was said earlier, credit and debit cards are quite similar but for just one fundamental difference. Credit cards let you spend your bank’s money you will have to return later. Whereas with debit cards, all the cash you’re spending is actually yours. In 2020, almost every online casino will accept your MasterCard, Visa, or AmEx debit card.