Online pokies mostly attract gamblers when they have a fascinating theme. Money Train is dedicated to the Wild West, and players here are taking part in an extreme adventure: they are hijacking a train on the move. The authors of the game represent Relax Gaming company, one of the most skilled online casino providers. They offer a bunch of online pokies and games for a wide range of casinos.

Games of Relax Gaming naturally gain positive reviews and attract both new gamblers and professional members. Money Train is not an exception: every user wishes to try it at least once. Now we will provide you with a detailed Money Train review, so you can understand if it is worth trying or not. You can also check out Money Train 2, a new version of the game. All rights reserved.

Basic Information

Money Train is available in several online casinos. Among them are King Johnnie, Raging Bull, Kahuna, Wild Tornado, and other famous market players.

  • The return to player (RTP) rate at this slot is 96,2 per cent.
  • The creator of the game is Relax Gaming.
  • You can find Money Train in a “video slot” category.
  • Besides the base game, the slot offers its players several bonus symbols, wild and scatter symbols and free spins that will motivate to keep gambling and win at this pokie.

There is also an updated version of the game, Money Train 2.

Mechanics of the Game

This game is not inferior to other online pokies and slots: it is a slot with reels, bonuses, free spins, and other awards that make every player satisfied. It’s all simple: you should give the reels some spins. The more spins you do, the higher your chance to get bonuses and real money. To succeed, your symbols have to match in the same row of the reels.

There is a difference between typical online slots and Money Train. Classic slots offer three reels, and this game has five of them. Money Train also has 40 pay lines that are fixed. Players opt for the sum of their bet before spinning the slots. If you don’t understand some of the symbols, don’t worry: the hints will explain everything. You can get to the game controls quickly: they are at the bottom of your screen, lower than the slots.

Special Symbols and Bonus Features

To make any pokie a special game, developers usually add some peculiar features and symbols. They typically correlate with the topic of the pokies. The game keeps stylish and fascinating motives that remind us of a western movie. The atmosphere is almost the same as in a typical saloon in the past times.

You will meet various symbols that are responsible for different functions in the game. Every symbol is familiar to almost anyone because they appear in any card game you can imagine. Meet playing card suits: diamonds and clubs, hearts and spades.

Some bonus symbols will be multipliers for several denominations. Money Train offers 40 pay lines. If you match at least three or more across one, you are going to win real cash.

Other symbols you will see are representing the power of the gang. They will be four members of the criminal group. Bonus symbols and wild symbols will be waiting for you in the image of a safe box and crossed rifles. With a wild symbol, you may gain something because it raises the chances of receiving a match.

One of the rewards is free spins that are a desire of any player. Also, you can activate three free spins with having your bonus symbols at certain places of the reels: at one, three, and five.

At Money Train 2, there is also a special Collector symbol. You can win big with it. The Collector symbol is a fantastic feature that will sum up all the chips and values by itself.

Why Is This Game Special

Money Train has a sophisticated topic and a fancy design with lots of smart details that make this pokie an outstanding and unique game. It doesn’t look like its competitors and has a special place in a wide range of pokies and other games.

The site experience satisfies everyone: from the beginners who have just started to play to professional players who are fond of gambling. The desktop version as a site in a browser is convenient for any player, and the app for your smartphone or tablet makes playing and winnings on the go easier.

Money Train has a demo mode that is free of charge. You can try out the pokies without bothering about the cash. A fantastic opportunity for those who have just started to play and explore online casino games.

If you are not experienced enough in the online casino industry, you may be scared of the RTP volatility. Thankfully, the free option that we have mentioned before gives you a chance to try without this volatility and realise whether you like to play or not before the moment you invest the first cash.

Money Train players Adore

Players adore the bonus feature of this game. If you spin from one to three scatter symbols, it activates the Money Cart bonus games. These games begin with three free spins. Bonus scatter symbols turn into the multipliers. Finally, the multipliers initially are at 1x. They can rise, and it depends on the symbols that the players have landed.

You can often see the symbols with tumbleweed and other modifier symbols while playing a Money Cart bonus game. Be aware that they mean nothing. It’s not a reward or bonus features but receiving fresh modifier symbols means that the counter of your free spins descends to three. It gives you an ability to obtain a bunch of free spins during the Money Cart bonus game.

The Money Cart bonus game is slipping away regularly, but you are craving it and want to win? These pokies offer a possibility of buy-in feature at the bonus game. The bet is high: the multiplier value of your current stake would be 80. If you do so, the RTP grows and becomes 98% so that the risk might be worth it.

Winnings and Limits to Bet

You don’t have to invest much to gamble: your least bet at this pokie can be 1 penny. If you want to roll deep, the max bet can be 50 pounds. The biggest winning would be your bet multiplied by 20,000. To get your prize, you can turn to a bunch of withdrawal methods and various currencies.

You may use a bank card, Neteller, or Skrill. You will have to wait for two or three days for the team to approve the payouts, and not more than five working days to receive the money. While gambling, users may withdraw not less than 10 pounds (as well as dollars or euros). The highest amount is 30,000 (same currencies apply).


Does the mobile version of Money Train have the same functions?

Yes, Relax Gaming, as well as Pragmatic Play and other IT-experts, works hard to provide you with the best user experience. The theme, the atmosphere, every bonus game, reels, and the bonus feature is reflected in the mobile version of these pokies. You still can win your cash prizes and never stop gambling with your smartphone. Don’t forget to play another pokies version, Money Train 2, even fancier and more effective, with positive reviews and votes from visitors. The website use cookies like many other sites in the world. Play Money Train on the go, pull your carriages and win.

Can I use Money Train bonuses?

Of course, you can use various bonuses to play and win your jackpot! Every feature, bonus icons, a bonus round, and a scatter symbol make this game a pleasure. All of the features, carriages, and every symbol at this slot can be the ticket to your winning.

What is the biggest payout on Money Train Pokie?

You can receive 30,000 pounds, euros, or dollars at a time. It takes at least two or three days for the pokies team to approve your request and five banking days to receive the money. If something is wrong, you always can leave a comment for the support staff.

Is Money Train legit?

Yes, it is, like Money Train 2. You can play at the licensed online casinos to be sure that everything is transparent and legit. The Australian government bans lots of online casinos, but many of them have permission to work, and the ban is not the case.

Can I win real money on Money Train Pokie?

Yes! The more you play, the higher are the chances. Every symbol may be your way to win. But be careful and think thoroughly about every bet you make. The pokies can call an addiction. Every bonus round, while you play, think twice. Meet the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the online casinos before you start, even if they are hits of the industry. But don’t worry! There are free versions of Money Train 2 and its previous version to try.